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    In the early days of Hankou, there were five concessions: the British concession, the French concession, the Russian concession, the German concession, and the Japanese concession.

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    "If these three tons of gasoline were put on the black market, they would cost between 700,000 and 800,000 central bank certificates, not to mention weapons and ammunition! A Czech-style light machine gun would cost at least five hundred dollars. If he's in a good mood, give it to him. "I have two Japanese 92 heavy machine guns, so I will make a lot of money, you can't buy it even if you have money These things, where are the bullets?"

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    As for the Japanese military police with special abilities, not only the police station is afraid, but even the Japanese secret service agents are afraid when encountering them. This is a completely unreasonable group of bastards. !

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    "I will listen to you, but I want to discuss with my parents. Let's live together in the Shanghai Concession for a few days. Let's just go and rest on our own." Inoue Haruka smiled gently.

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    "This director Ye seems to be a bit confused about his position. The reason he can maintain power in Hubei province is all thanks to the imperial army. Otherwise, the entire Hubei province will be assigned to him, rely on it a little." troops of the Office of Concessions. It is estimated that Hubei province will be occupied again by the Shancheng government in a few days."

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    This is easier said than done, I fully support the work of the Secret Service. During the Zhejiang-Jiangxi battle, the combat troops of the 17th Division also captured a lot of weapons and ammunition. I will distribute a lot to you. As for gasoline, I will give you the first batch of 20 barrels of gasoline in the name of aid. The division's gasoline needs to be budgeted. At the end of the year, I will give you another batch, so that the secret service department will no shortage of fuel. Shengren Pinglin said with a smile.

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    Shangdu is the capital of Henan province, it is still controlled by the mountain city government, planes can take off and land, but they must accept certain risks, in general, unless government officials Local politicians and military came to the mountain city for a meeting, they could still use military transport planes, otherwise, the planes would never dare to easily reach Shangdu, for fear of being hit by Japanese planes. Attack version.

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    But what happened now was simply God's gift, he could use his nose to think, it was definitely Miao Phuong Tri and Tong Quoc Trung intentionally making things difficult for So Mat, they were betting that So Mat would not dare to bother him. Japan, give up dumb, If this matter is not used well, it is just a waste!

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    If his identity is truly revealed, Xu Ruiyang will definitely turn him into a corpse floating in the Huangpu River. If a parasite inside and outside can fall into a boneless corpse, the end will be the same. very good already.

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    "Tu Quan, you are truly a loving person. Even though Van Tu was like that towards you, not only did you not hold any grudges, you actually even built a funeral hall for her, which is really rare." Najian Minlang said.

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    But now is an important period for the intelligence department to collect relevant information for the empire's strategic bombing. Nan Zao Yunzi also wants to disperse his forces to monitor Xu Ruiyang, which is a bit confusing. reverse.

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    After the establishment of the Wang puppet government, at the express request of the Japanese military, and after some negotiations, the provincial and municipal puppet governments joined the Wang puppet government at the same time, the Puppet City see Jiangcheng was changed to Hankou City, the two offices of Wuchang and Hanyang were abolished, and the two urban areas were assigned to the puppet provincial government to manage.

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    The things outside the gate this time went very smoothly. Hua Due Duong also wanted to rest and planned to stay in Tan Kinh for a while.

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    "When negotiating with the Japanese military, the other side must ask about the handling of food supplies. I wonder which company your mayor intends to use to specifically handle the sale of food supplies? Is it possible to make timely payments to the financial security headquarters?" ?" Tu Due Duong asked for directions.

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    Of course, with regard to the puppet government supported by itself, under normal circumstances, the Japanese military's secret service and gendarmerie still respect the choice of the puppet government of Wang, and will not go too far. despise these traitors. any face.

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    "I will submit this proposal to the Chinese Central Gendarmerie Headquarters and buy in large quantities. Our gendarmerie has no shortage of currencies such as China Reserve Certificates!" Kudo Jiro lit a cigarette and praised the quality of the cigarette.

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    "President, what do you want me to do?" Huong Van Thien asked.

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    "The Army Base and Command carry out security operations in the Beijing-Shanghai-Hangzhou area. They also want to help the Jinling government stabilize its rule. This is a policy and strategy The work is very good, for this reason, the six generals of Jun Hata even talked to me, praising Li Shiqun, and also affirming the work of the Mei Agency."

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    Comrades from the intelligence department and security department, based on what Xu Ruiyang knew, conducted meticulous investigations in different base areas, and at the same time conducted ideological education for a number of employees.

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    "I tell you the truth, if there is no convincing evidence, I have no ability to deal with him. This leads to the third point you said, which is what each person does. If he is in the occupied area of the empire, if relations with other parties are not good, can he eat?"

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    But the problem is that the puppet Wang government has been in conflict with the North China puppet Political Committee, and always wants to control administrative power in North China, but the other side relies on the support of the Front Army. Northern China and not listening to the edicts of the puppet government of Wang, this also involved the Japanese army and internal conflicts of interest.

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    "No way, our Dai Boss and Shanghai District have no other choice. This is the president's order. The intelligence team said that Zhang Yangyi is recovering from his injuries. Then we will do our best strength so he doesn't have to suffer any longer. Let's send him on his way!" Qi Qingbin said.

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    "Brother, I know your Hai Xuong trading company has a special nature, it needs to make money, otherwise, the Japanese will not agree, you can decide the price yourself. Just don't go too far, I do not care." After all, now it is very difficult to move without money. " Chen Gongbo said.

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    Seeing Tan The Chieu pose as a dead pig and not afraid of boiling water, Tu Due Duong was angry, but he had no reason to be angry.

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    Therefore, the Japanese secret service and gendarmerie will not allow this kind of opportunistic behavior to happen arbitrarily. If they operate secretly without enough relationships and status, they will easily be punished. severely, even losing one's life and all property. will be confiscated, the vast majority of people can only stand and watch without daring to do anything.

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    "Boss, this is a telegram from the Special Department of the Shanghai Stock Exchange, from my wife." Qi Wenyue said.