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    Then, through simple observation, Wang Han determined that the person in the room was the earl that Situ Lanning had mentioned. This guy was currently practicing or spending the winter, his whole body showing a distorted shape. a worm curled up in its shell. Wang Han did not directly go in to observe the count's appearance, but compared the surrounding environment. When there was no problem, he directly began to search for this guy's memories, his own counting power. The earl is actually stronger than Lanning Situ., he clearly possesses power far beyond the SR Medal, but he doesn't go to Zhanzheng University to evaluate the SR Medal, he chooses to stay and continue studying the methods in your memory, try to learn more about the methods from these methods. As for source quality, if the understanding of source quality increases, his relative calculation ability will also increase greatly.

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    "It's like this..." Vuong Han must now trust the other person 100%, the relationship has been messy for a long time, who belongs to him?

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    “That's it.” Daier tried his best to digest Vuong Han's news, "I really don't know about this. Before, I also didn't know that there was such a light-ball thinking. I always felt that I was born beautiful. Open."

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    And I don't feel any pain right now... Vuong Han affirmed that a hole had indeed opened in his head, but even so, he didn't feel any pain at all, which made Vuong Han Han feel surprised. surprised. He used his uninjured hand to pinch his arm, well, the mouse still felt sharp pain in his forelimbs, including a cold feeling, it's okay, this body must be warmer than before, "See In fact, when the soul regains control of this body, it completely gets rid of all the broken things... It's like a machine with no core at all. Likewise, if something is broken, damaged, it can be directly shielded, there is absolutely no need for repair, after shielding there will be no signs of damage.”

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    “What are you looking at me for?” Daier immediately felt embarrassed, "Don't look at me like that, don't look at me, my calculation ability is already 10,000 points, in fact I'm also very young. ten years old!"

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    Vuong Han's eyes were indifferent, just looking at the worm he caught in his hand, the bright red worm, his eyes were full of madness and depression, "Okay, now I don't care anymore." I told you. Understand, but I officially declare to you, on the one hand you cannot replace me, on the other hand you have no way to attack others, young man, you can do it yourself."

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    The flight speed of the flying board was quite average. It took Vuong Han and the count half an hour to reach a city on the border. He directly pulled the count who was telling a story with one hand, directly pulling the count to the city. city streets and hexagons. On the city wall, in front and behind him were two cities with completely different styles, this feeling of condescension made the count's side very empty. It would be very funny to go down, "After coming to this place, you can start to carefully remember some of the things that happened at that time, trying to quickly find the place where you have this kind of memory. "

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    Dai'er was convinced, she looked at Wang Han's neck and Wang Han's Adam's apple, she wanted to curl her mouth.

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    But when the mouse actually landed, Vuong Han's body had already tilted a step. Although his eyes were blurred, he still had basic fighting skills. His wooden thorn directly hit the mouse's nape, but the thorn wood turned out to be missed directly! It's not that Vuong Han is old and can't aim properly, but because the position of the mouse's neck is too hard, the wooden spikes suddenly stop, causing this move to immediately fail! The mouse instantly turned its head and bit directly into the arm holding the wooden spike. Vuong Han was completely unable to recover. The entire arm was torn into pieces, broken but no blood flowed out, like like the rubber band has been damaged!

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    Tsk tsk! Look at Tieu Truong Dang's ideological perception, then look at yours. Dai'er laughed while picking up food for Tieu Truong Dang. She also looked at Lanning Xiaoxi mockingly, "I haven't thought about it all day. Just for fun, honestly increase your computing power, you won't being caught up by the small long light, then you can't even defeat the small long light directly, and if you are bullied by others in the future, you won't be able to say "You wait for me to let my niece come over and fight you fight! "Ha ha ha."

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    "There aren't many things in the chest." Vuong Han first took out a dagger from the chest. This dagger was very short, black, only about a dozen centimeters, very small, the entire handle of the dagger had a hilt. But there are some obvious dents, these dents are like gritting their teeth, "So this black cat can still use daggers? They have claws that they can't use, but they use these daggers." to attack others, isn't that great?" A wasteful action?

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    Dai'er still speaks rudely, this is also because I think Vuong Han does not pay attention to these things, Vuong Han of course does not pay attention to these things. After hearing Daier's problem, Vuong Han glared. take a look at her. He felt uncomfortable here, so Vuong Han asked: "Can I directly search for your soul and see your thoughts?"

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    At this moment, Vuong Han finally turned his gaze to the foot of the building, "Now I can seriously consider searching this building. The person before said this is called an ancient relic, this is also possible." understand, but I don't know." "I don't know if there is a brutality in this ancient relic or not. Regardless, I have to be a little careful. Luckily, my current strength is very outstanding, and can give me a portion of it." The reward is not small."

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    And if someone with a keen eye looks at all the posts posted by this friend at this time, then you can see that this friend is well versed in the common vocabulary of the state-district union, emotional words act as important words, the main purpose is to exaggerate what he wants to exaggerate, and reduce what he wants to reduce. But not everyone has the free time to understand this. Many people who don't know how to eat melons stand in line for three seconds here, line up for three seconds there, and finally quietly step back. Stand up again. The remaining five left behind a lot of chicken feathers. After all, they were all mixed up in their aptitudes and qualities. Under the circumstances of a constant living space, they naturally liked to harm people. Therefore, under such circumstances, many states and districts began to spontaneously boycott the people of human states and districts, and they even refused to take the interstellar train of human states and districts People.

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    At this point, I can't directly give much certainty, but theoretically speaking, this should happen. Wang Han could now understand Dai'er's thoughts. Actually, not just Dai'er. For the first time, he is not the last, but just the most ordinary of all living beings, there will be this feeling of loss. After all, everyone feels that they are unique, they all feel that they are incomparable. in life. After truly knowing my indispensable status under the giant framework, I would suddenly feel very lost, so there was no logical problem.

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    “After the previous incident in the virtual beast breeding room, my understanding of this type of thing has clearly improved.” Vuong Han thought about that nightmare and couldn't help but feel a little regretful, "She is also the proud son of heaven. , and she can actually This kind of self-balancing system similar to the outside world can be created without leaving this dimension. On the one hand, it can create a large number of individuals living in it, on the other hand, it can make the living space of these individuals not too small, it can be said that this is a nurturing cabin, or there is also It can be said that this is hell, all individuals will fall into this never-ending battle arranged by others throughout their lives, which is quite painful.

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    Passing by your place, I mainly wanted to ask some basic logic about this world. I have just come from afar to this world, so there are many things I don't understand... Vuong Han doesn't want to say it. Talk frankly about yourself at all. Where is he from? Sometimes it's better to keep some secrets, but he hadn't finished speaking here yet, and Shui Xing on the other side suddenly got excited.

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    "How do you know I'm bullying you? You're not a nonsense person yourself, so how can you think I'm talking nonsense about you? You can just laugh it off." Vuong Han continued to joke.

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    As for Wang Han, he could see very clearly, the reason the state-county alliance became a state-county alliance was because it was established according to the logic of the center, so if a mistake was made here, it will remain the same. I'll leave it to the evaluation center later, just because there are still some important matters here that haven't been handled yet. Once everything is handled, you can do whatever you want. After all, as the old saying goes, snowflakes are not as good as snowflakes. naive before the avalanche, or the one who crushed the camel was not the last straw, all straws are guilty, he has no intention of finding out anything deeper, who is the world, who will solve it, he just passes by, won't stay, won't fight for anything, just sometimes, after seeing some injustice, reach out to solve it and it's over . That's why Vuong Han said directly kill people, this is just a joke, he has the strength, but there is no need.