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    But when the shape of this door appeared in front of Vuong Han, the first thing he felt was the vibration. This was not a door made of ordinary materials, but something completely piled with corpses. dead, observing perhaps billions of people. of corpses attached to this door. All kinds of corpses were pressed together in strange and curious positions, and finally closed by the door frame. The whole picture is full of visual impact! What made Vuong Han feel the most incomprehensible was that the eyes of all the corpses were filled with immense hatred. This made Vuong Han clearly feel the remaining hatred, on the basis that he clearly knew the purpose. This hatred is not me. This kind of state has reached ferocious levels! This is the most terrifying resentment. Even if we haven't seen a trace of light for so many years, this resentment has not diminished in any way!

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    "What's wrong? See my worried face?" Phung Thien immediately asked back.

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    Well... the difficulty must be very high. Vuong Han quietly said, Tham Nguyet Kha has not yet comprehended the soul beyond the breath, she wants to comprehend some of the soul, this difficulty is really not ordinary, moreover it is very difficult for her to do this. , because any vision develops slowly through a process of constant honing, and a sudden explosion is not possible, so if you face it. There is no way to do the job well at hand, and you just want to take another path by taking advantage of it, then you will definitely lose the experience of this path, so when you directly challenge one thing something more difficult, the lack of experience is quite serious. Just like now in his eyes, except for her incomparably bewitching and crazy body, Shen Yueke was a very ordinary Roja, although filled with endless courage and the power to endure the wanderings of her soul. , but she still lacks foundation. She was very unprepared, and she wanted to reach the sky in one step, which was impossible, because it was unfair, and Tinh Hai would not forgive this kind of unfairness. So in this case, he felt in his heart that it would be faster and safer to first understand some things about the breath, then understand some things about the soul, so that after the soul does not understand, he can only do it himself. despair, and courage is completely different from Ignorance... But knowing doesn't mean saying it, or as Shen Yueke himself said, people around me did this when I was a child, so no There is nothing wrong with doing that now, and there will be nothing wrong with it. Any behavior that doubts her own thoughts, even if what she is doing now is no different from other Roa, she will still do it.

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    The plan was also very simple, returning alone to the cockpit, having not said a word for many years, the gap between the two lips was no longer clearly visible, the face now looked even more ambiguous, from that moment on. The time and space talent is activated, all of these have begun to change in quality, continuing to move in a direction with terrifying potential. At this time, if Vuong Han turns around and returns to the Sea Region. Stars, then the breath he now discovered flows in direction, he could become the king of all galaxies, but he obviously did not do so, just like before in space, he That year, when he had enough fighting power to become the most invincible existence in the Van Co Dam, a feeling of regret was to go to the Van Co Dam with Manh Mong to compete, but in fact he was even more stubborn. , try harder with the world. The better, but the result was too tragic, he didn't care at all, I feel a bit happy about this kind of thing, maybe Roja's brain works like that...

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    After sending Vuong Han away, the person who welcomed Vuong Han was directly promoted, because Vuong Han had just completed an order worth 9.9 billion breath points, almost buying all the items in the warehouse. Lutford Starport also does not know the origin of these songs. , at least before the current owner of Lutford Starport took over Lutford Starport, it was auctioned, but obviously no one was interested in this kind of object, nor could it be thrown away, the most important thing What Lutford Star Port lacks is space to store goods. Moreover, Vuong Han this time paid the exact cost price that he received before. If he buys directly, even if he doesn't make a small profit, he can use up all the warehouse. It was also a very happy thing. This kind of difficult and meaningless inventory should be sent out sooner, so it's okay. Go get some hot stuff here. The list of 9.9 billion is really not a small amount of money, for ordinary people it is, for Lutford Xinggang, this is also one of the most famous transactions in history.

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    This is a huge complex of stone statues standing in the deep sea, with about twenty or thirty statues, covering a large area. Wang Han just visually inspected these stone statues and could have a very clear impression! These stone statues are now kneeling in the deep sea, but if they stand up, their heads can poke straight into the clouds and sky, the entire size is too huge. Those monsters are heading towards the mouth of one of the stone statues, it can be clearly seen that every time a monster enters, the armor on the surface of this giant stone statue's body will peel off. , revealing a bit of skin color underneath. armor, clearly there will be evil thoughts seeping in from the gaps in this armor.

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    After establishing good relations with the meteor worm, Wang Han is ready to return to the spaceship, the soul meteorite worth 900 million breath points has been completely absorbed, it's time to think about some good biome talents, the gradual increase of Biome Talents is not a simple quantitative pile-up, but if you can find a good and reliable combination of talents, those talents Different functions when combined together can have terrible reactions. This is a complete qualitative change. , it is said that it is learning the talent of the Maya system...

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    The previous spaceship's discovery also had the same meaning. It just scanned the surface. There was no way to judge which group it came from. It could only scan the soul's outline. Unfortunately, it was swept over. cost. The outline of the soul of this item is the death of the body, Han Lap still cannot accept it, he has not yet completely become such a completely solipsistic person, nor has he completely returned to his individuality. selfish at first.

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    The shortest is 1222 years, but the other Star Cang sisters currently don't have much stockpiled, because this type of thing is usually used by some men as a symbol of majesty, and there are not many of them. Many people are willing to buy such a thing, and the number of Silica worms is very rare, and they will naturally eliminate such an organ every ten thousand years, and if such an organ is removed from them, then The original energy will be lost. The management staff said it was very humble.

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    After Vuong Han thought of this, he did not completely accept the gift from Rojas, meaning he still activated the elemental talismans, reincarnated talismans, etc. The reason was very simple, he was not sure after receiving it. This kind of gift, will things suddenly become extremely bad? The other party has discovered his location and chased him thousands of miles away, so he has already arranged it. With all the following things in mind, he could not directly accept all the years of painstaking efforts of the Roja people.

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    Morrison obviously wouldn't believe Vuong Han's answer. This obviously perfunctory answer made him even more confused: "What to do? This creature named Vuong Han in front of him looks very human at first glance. of the Golden family, otherwise there is No reason can pass through the door of life that only the Devourer of worlds can pass through But the question arises, is he an enemy or an ally , or he has a completely neutral attitude, which makes people very confused and very uncomfortable."

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    After taking it away, Isabelle still couldn't help but spend a year buying a lot of delicious food, including everything, just put it in the space ring, after all she felt like she could spend a lot of time in Tinh Hai. on the road then walking and eating, isn't this a very interesting thing! The shuttle left Lutford Starport, where countless spacecraft docked. It directly performed the automatic departure procedure, and Isabelle was sitting on the cockpit floor, happily lighting a small stove to cook. Eat Just take a small hot bite. pot, she happily checked some information related to this matter, especially after seeing Vuong Han's own frontal photos, she seemed to eat more and more delicious food.

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    Ha ha, 100 million? Vuong Han almost couldn't move in one breath, his head was buzzing, he had never seen this kind of aura, and Keles had lived for so many years, how much aura did she have? There were only a handful of them and now suddenly 100 million have arrived? Who can stand this... Surely, getting rich is a big tree in front of you, you can't blame me for treating you like this, if you want to pick a fight with me then it's okay, But if you don't kill me, the problem will be serious. It wasn't until he calmed down that the lion opened his mouth wide, "My soul is more than that, one price, one billion. If you give it to me then get out, if not then get out." Give it to me, you will die by my side, we will perish together.”

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    The man finished saying this, thought for a moment, next to the scared servant, his expression softened a bit, and said to Vuong Han's arm in the video: "And now, he should be okay. He should be okay. Haven't yet comprehended the Time and Space talent, but the basic shape of Time and Space can only be vaguely seen. By the time he truly completes this Time and Space talent, it will take at least 10,000 to 20,000 years, so within Within these 20,000 years, we must find this existence named Vuong Han... You immediately send my daughter to investigate, order the death penalty for her, no matter what, let him appear in front of me, I have something to tell him. And the whole Don't anger him in the process... Rojas is quite stubborn, once they form the concept of threatening you, he will directly put you in opposition, and directly kill you if he gets the chance!"

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    When he learned about the Roja system from Shen Yueke in the early years, she only said that the Roja system was relatively close outside the star field, but her own strength was still quite good, why did it fall into the hands of by Wu Ruolin? Now, why is this Roja squad's strength only 80?

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    After that, Vuong Han briefly explained the situation on his side, everything was prepared, he could no longer stay on this planet, after absorbing it, let's step by step learn about the Roja's opponents. What is it, after preparing, you won't hesitate to try such a dangerous thing... Or as Feng Shuyi said, He, Wang Han, also had the same thought. Just for Feng Shuyi's sake, he had to say that he was willing to sacrifice his life for mother and daughter, which would be enough.

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    Vuong Han used black fire to directly contact Thinh Mon. Thinh Mon remembered Vuong Han and then directly broke the shackles of this world, revealing a large black hole, this large hole spiraled like an abyss, But An Kha doesn't remember clearly. she just felt her body lighten and fall into this big hole, and she fainted. Vuong Han left with twenty-eight people. Following him were people from the Holy Capital Group to greet him. As for the people from the Holy Capital Group, they were stunned, wondering what the situation was? How long had Vuong Han gone in and then immediately came out? Not only that, how many strange existences are there behind him? He looks exactly like him, except that men and women can still be distinguished, it's like he was carved from a mold!

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    While his soul power increased strongly, the soul power of the other monks around him continued to weaken, weakening every day and making it difficult to detect. After a long time, Vuong Han was able to confirm that they they weaken.

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    “Okay, then be careful on your way, I will obviously use force to pull you down.” Porphyrin said seriously. Either way, he couldn't imagine going to such a far place, and the risks there were beyond his porphyrin's control. Fortunately, I remained in this place honestly, in the yard, and lived such a life calmly, which is great when I think about it. However, Vuong Han directly reminded him: "Master, if you have nothing to do in the yard, I suggest you return to Van Co Tri now."

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    The next shock wave came like this, with the energy in the monster's body constantly being released, the next shock wave would have increased to two thousand years of cultivation, if Mengmeng had not brought Nuo Qianjin and the others here. , then their current cultivation cannot resist repeated washings. Of course, how long she can live is uncertain, but at least Nuo Qianjin can't see her drama end. At this time, Vuong Han let out his breath to protect this small relic, while eating and muttering to everyone: "Because I absorbed that monster's corpse... well, I absorbed... Mengmeng know what I mean, anyway, you can understand that I gnawed the bones of this monster companion."

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    He also wants to learn about other talents, and eventually integrate this talent into a giant talent that works and is perfect, even if this talent is quite complex and cannot be moved by spirits. normally, but once it was used by him. It would be a terrifying existence... But looking back now, Vuong Han felt he was not fully prepared. According to Tham Nguyet Kha's instructions before, he felt he should go once. again. Find the spaceship, wait another 20,000 30,000 years, wait until all of this is ready to be completed, then. . . Do not choose to leave the mountain. He also analyzed the space-time imprint backwards, trying to condense a rune that would make it completely impossible for him to be locked by the opponent, so that he wouldn't have to worry about his soul being directly destroyed. clean all. small breath of light... ...It still takes time, but I must say that the power he controls now is too strong! Those who belong to the same star field as the original group of goblins have completely opened up a big step forward!

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    After the few murmurs ended, there was a fierce explosion, which was the roar of the two-horned monster.