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    Jiang Mulang once told Mei Suer the words that Wuming once passed on to him, so to avoid Wuming from causing trouble for them, Mei Suer made a plan.

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    But the kisser lying on the tree still looked around.

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    There was a hint of controlled impatience in his tone.

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    Thirteenth Phong Elder Thuong Quan also said at this time: "Ninth senior sister, I feel that you, Mai To Nhi and the leader are intentionally hiding something, I can also feel that this is not normal. I know you don't want to talk, or say, you can't tell us about this, but why haven't all thirteen of us experienced it?

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    Furthermore, the divine level spirit stone has a characteristic, it can automatically absorb and restore the spiritual energy inside, even if the spiritual energy inside the divine level spirit stone is consumed, it will automatically restore, so This value is obvious.

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    The purpose of existence of the Nhan Dao Sect is not only to cultivate the mind and nourish character, but also to eliminate demons and protect the Tao. Having a generous heart is a must-have concept for every monk in the sect. peaceful and unharmed, so he will often leave home to practice, eliminate violence and comfort the people, eliminate demons and demons.

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    Thinking back to three years ago, when they still looked down on Mei Su'er, everyone felt a little embarrassed.

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    Excited in her heart, regardless of the wound on her body being caused by a sword cut, she gritted her teeth towards the white snake, and at the same time searched for the non-ruled flying sword that her senior deacon told her to find.

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    Mei Suer turned away and swept her big head back

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    Mei Su'er couldn't believe that she could recognize this kind of almost fairy-like power.

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    Having finished speaking, she turned around and went into the inner room.

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    Jiang Mulang smiled and nodded, looking satisfied.

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    This feeling is very intimate, like Mai To Nhi is very familiar to them, and makes them feel extremely good.

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    He thought that Mei Su'er's strength would not be too high, at least she would not be their opponent in front of the elders of the Li Mountain Sword Sect, not to mention there were countless strong people in the mountain today.

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    I believe everyone knows that it is not easy to manage the people well, let alone the Central Continent, where there are many mixed monsters. Then we can choose to learn from it. She speaks.

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    The giant jade desk, Mei Su'er, was left for office work.

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    For those who have contributed, they will also receive an additional benefit. As long as they contribute to the development of the Central Continent, even if it is just a monster guarding Wuqing Mountain, they can come to me to seal their righteousness and become immortal cultivators. death. . . "I believe that once this news is out, there will be many monsters who want to contribute, so this matter is very simple, you guys don't need to worry." After Mai To Nhi finished speaking, she didn't say anymore, waiting. The next question.

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    Xiayun Valley belongs to the north of Wuqing Mountain, and is relatively close to the west, it is impossible to take the speed of a snake in a few days to reach the outer boundary of the mountain.

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    Mount Changsheng is located on the eastern border, which can be considered a desolate place in Central Asia. Sister, why did you go there? After master told me that you were going down the mountain, we thought you were going down the mountain. Shuijing Mountain." Ye Qingfeng suddenly asked.

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    Therefore, Mei Suer happily nodded in agreement on the spot.

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    Status and status, powerlessness and powerlessness, are equivalent to being bullied by others.

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    Remembering the mother-child relationship between the Queen and Princess Phuc Khang, Chu Diec Y immediately understood the two people's intentions.