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    He understood Li Shiqun's ambition too well, the conditions of the Qingxiang Committee were too good, this gave him a step to climb, no matter how powerful the secretary general of the Qingxiang Committee was, it was only a control. short-term control over the Qingxiang area. How can he become a province? Benefits of the provincial president?

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    "Tu Bao made many contributions when laying the foundation for the Secret Service Headquarters in the early days. He plays a key role in the current success of the Secret Service Headquarters. You collected your belongings, and we not an outsider. I can Don't do things that take advantage of others. Get out." Xu Ruiyang said.

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    When he arrived at the living room of the Chu mansion, he saw that in addition to Zhou Fuhai, there were also Ding Mocun and Xiong Jiandong. Seeing him enter, the three of them all stood up to greet him solemnly.

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    At 7:50, Hua Due Duong began welcoming guests to the reception desk near the elevator entrance in the hotel lobby. Guests had to take the elevator to the reception desk on the eighth floor.

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    "This bunch of military spies and aggressive guerrillas are entrenched on the outskirts of Shanghai, hiding in Tibet like rats. There is no good way to eliminate them. Women can lower men's vigilance world and had a natural advantage in finding their tracks, so I came up with You."

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    "You are wrong, there are only a few police in this kind of situation, most of them still follow the rules, proving that Tu Due Duong has a very big supervision of police discipline, they don't dare to mess around. undisciplined."

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    As far as I know, Sibao has a lot of assets in cross-border road construction areas, and a lot of people collect protection money from him. You all work with him in the Secret Service Headquarters, and you have a good private relationship. How do you treat his assets? If you take his money, aren't you afraid he will turn it against you? Xu Ruiyang smiled and asked.

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    “Big brother!” Tran Cong Thu and Te Thanh Ban quickly stood up.

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    Regarding police liaison work between the three places, it was agreed to conduct negotiations on the Shanghai stock exchange, regarding the abolition of the Ministry of Police, and the Jinling government established the General Police Department of Ministry of Home Affairs. The work has not been done for a long time.

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    "Actually, this matter is very easy to solve. We can establish two more trading companies. With the strength of the generals in North China, it is not easy to find two merchants to cooperate. He is only in charge of protects us, but his identity is real, so you don't have to worry about others gossiping, the problem is not a problem at all." Hua Due Duong took the opportunity to speak.

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    "Fortunately, despite such difficulties, the 40th Division still reached its intended location. The naval fleet also escorted motorboats and landed from Dong Dinh Lake to the mouth of the Tuong Giang River. The Army's divisions Our 11th division has completed the battle. We are about to launch a great war." -scale attack, but judging from the current situation, the Ninth War Zone has not yet seen through our efforts." Ochiai Dingwu said.

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    After that, two gunboats "Lian" and "Toba" together with a marine artillery brigade near the Bund Park began shelling the British gunboat, within a few minutes the gunboat sank to the bottom of the river . Surrender to death.

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    The battle between the 11th Army Corps of the Japanese Army and the 9th War Zone of the Shancheng Government has begun, the battlefield is always changing rapidly, Xu Ruiyang's visit to Hankou this time is only to show Boss Dai that it is better to something should be achieved. There is no need to be discouraged, the information was sent to the Military Commission of the Shancheng Government before the war, and the Ninth Army Command cannot rely on the intelligence of hidden agents to make war.

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    "I strongly oppose the establishment of this survey and statistics department, so I specifically asked Chairman Wang about this, but General Yingzuo firmly maintained his opinion, and Chairman Wang agreed , and at the same time asked the Ministry of Finance to allocate a special fund to Li Shiqun. , I spent a lot of effort, but in the end there was no change, on the contrary, my whole body was weak!" Chu Phuc Hai frowned and said.

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    "When we arrived, we thought he was the target. We were all wearing coats and caps. We couldn't tell the difference. We didn't see his medicine box. He ran away when he saw us, so we shot!”

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    “Kawamoto-kun, based on your judgment, will the empire declare war on England, America, and the Netherlands because of this?” Hua Due Duong asked casually.

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    "Yaqing, you have always lived in the south and have never been to North China. Do you want to visit Beiping and Jincheng with me?" Xu Ruiyang asked Wu Yaqing.

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    Just because you want to play tricks on me? Too late! Don't think you are capable, what you know is only the surface of the whole thing!

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    What a pig's brain, I said it very clearly. The station master wants to eliminate Nam Tao Van Tu, requires you to seriously follow and monitor, isn't this a move? If we destroy this imperial flower, it will be a gold-rich business. Boss Dai will definitely give you a big reward for your achievements, get out, I'm annoyed to see you, tell me to inform An Zhanjiang and the assassination team, and gather at the gate of train station!" Shen Boyang kicked Cheng Muhe.

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    That's right. If Xu Jun went to see Najian Minlang, as long as he guaranteed that Wu Sibao would die, and made a slight change in the way he handled it, Najian Minlang would naturally respect him. If it were me, it would make him feel that it was Mei's agency. Gendarmerie Guide. Since the establishment of the Tojo Cabinet, the gendarmerie has become more and more crazy." Kagesa Haruaki nodded and said.

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    "Just mind your own business. There's no need to worry about Yoshiko Kawashima's matter. I'll report to General Shirokura." Hiroshi Ono waved her out of the office.

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    Puppet Manchukuo is a colony painstakingly managed by Japan, so how can there be any reason to spit out the fat in its mouth? It is also unacceptable that without the steel and oil resources of Southeast Asia, Japan's military power would be subservient to the United States.

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    "Furthermore, Tran Thua Nghiep can also be subdued, listen to what he says, watch his actions, if you discover that he is telling the truth, it is not too late to deal with him. The overall stability is now top-notch." Priority, if the general manager changes, the city government may not be happy with such financial allocation. !”

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    "Where is General Binh Cuong? Where was he transferred to?" Hua Due Duong asked casually.